Hayes Cricket Club - Honours List

Patron/President/Honorary Life Members, Life Vice-Presidents

Mr. J. McDonnell MP

Mr. G. Owen

Honorary Life Members:
Mr. A Beakhouse R.I.P
Mrs. P Blanchett R.I.P
Mr. A Frost
Mr. C Frost
Mrs. E Frost
Mrs. P Green
Mr. S Green
Mrs. C King - R.I.P.
Mr. R King - R.I.P.
Mr. M Kirby
Mr. L. Mahoney
Mr. G Owen
Mrs E Parker

Mr. J K Patel
Mr. D Pearce R.I.P
Mr. C Richardson
Mr. L Runkell R.I.P
Mr. S Waite
Mr. K. Wallis
Mr. L Westgarth

Life Vice-Presidents:
Mrs. M. Allwork
Mr. T. Briggs
Mrs. J. Clark
Mr. R. Clark
Mr. B. Eastwood R.I.P
Mr. K. Jones
Mr. S. Joshi
Mr. A. Liles
Mr. J. Luckett R.I.P
Mrs. P. Reynolds R.I.P
Mr. T. Rodwell
Mrs. A. Schofield R.I.P
Mr. R. Stiles
Mr. R. Thompson R.I.P
Mrs. D. Westgarth

Honours List


First Eleven Honours:
Thames Valley Cricket League
2008 Division 4A Champions
2011 Division 3B Champions
2013 Division 3A Champions
2018 Division 2A Champions
Middlesex Cricket League
Champions 1985, 1988 and 1989
Slough Observer Farnham Royal Knockout Champions 1988
Hillingdon 20 overs Champions 1993
Middlesex Indoor 6 a side Champions 1994

Second Elevens Honours:
Thames Valley Cricket League
2015 Division 6A Champions
Harefield 20 over Knockout Champions 1979, 1987 and 1993

Third Elevens Honours:
Thames Valley Cricket League
2018 Division 8A Champions
3D League Winners 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1987

Colts Eleven's Honours:
Gubby Allen U17's Middlesex Chairman's Cup 1986
U10 Middlesex North Area Cup 2010

Highest Hayes Total:
389 Academy X1 v. Belmont & Edgware 2015

Most Runs Scored in a Season:

2213 by Michael Green in 2015
2142 by Simon Green in 1988

Highest Individual Scores:

223 n.o. by Michael Green v HC Trotters 12th July 2015
207 n.o. by Stuart Welch v Hillingdon 10th August 1995
198 by Mrunal Sawant v Eversley 8th July 2017, TVL Div 2
179 by Simon Green v Langlybury 30th April 1988

Youngest Player to 1000 Runs in a season:

Gagan Sharma for 1st & 2nd XI 2013 aged 15 Years and 167 days

Youngest player to get 5 wickets in an adult competitive match:

Joshua Frost for Hayes Sunday 1st XI V Maybury on Sunday September 1st 2013 aged 11 years and 235 days
(match figures 7 for 28)

Most Wickets in a season:

219 by Billy Flood in 1954

Best Bowling Figures:

10 for 13 by Billy Flood v. LT.A.S.S.A. (London T.) 1947
10 for 58 by Josh Frost v Eastcote 4th July 2015 TVL Div 7
10 for 72 by Jerry Chancheong v TBC

Most Wicket-Keeping Dismissals:

99 by Bobby Clark in 1990

1000 Runs Scored in a Season:
Nigel Joyner, Joe Luckett, Simon Green, Guy Green,
Stuart Waite, Chris Frost, Michael Green, Gagan Sharma,
Barry Forey, Andy Gurdial

100 Wickets & 1000 Runs Double in a Season:

Simon Green and Stuart Waite in 1989
Stuart Waite in 1990

Club Records


* Denotes Not out

1st  256   P. Clayton 159* & B. Gower 84
v. Chiswick Priory (H) 
14th August 1938
2nd 246 S. Welch 207* & M. Dhaliwal 54*
v. Hillingdon (A)
10th August 1995
3rd 213   S. Waite 146 & S Beakhouse 67
v. Hampton Wick Royals (A)

29th August 1988
4th 231
 M. Sawant 198 & G, Sharma 58
v Eversley (H)

8th July 2017
5th 155* S. Green & M. O'Reilly
v. Maidenhead & Bray (H)

16th August 1996
6th 111 G. Green & M. O'Reilly
v. Old Merchant Taylors (H)

25th July 1996
7th 166 M. Green 133 & M. Arshad 50
v. Chalfont St Peter

7th Sept 2013 
8th 101 D. Majithia 47 & S. Waite 39
v. Wokingham (H)

18th July 1992
9th 57 S. Scott 51* & A. Williams 20*
v. Turnham Green (H)

18th July 1965
10th 75 A Watkins 50* & W. Blanchett 37*
v. Richmond (H) 

8th August 1971