Easy Fundraising

Easy Fundraising
Below you will find a link that directs you to the Hayes Cricket Club easyfundraising website

Do you shop on line if so why not help raise money for a local Cricket Club.

Please see attached beginners guide or follow link below.


This is a unique way of raising money for your local club or organisation. By simply doing what you would normally do by shopping online the only difference is that you following the link via the above sites retailer listing there is also no need to register on this site at all.

Retailers include: Play.com, Amazon, PC World, Toys-r-us, Sainsbury, Asda’s, Austin Reed, Debenhams, Currys, Comets, B & Q, Boots. Energy companies, Insurance, Holidays, Flowers, Next. there is loads.  

As you can see from the home page it shows that if you have registered what donation you have contributed at no extra cost to you the commission comes direct from the retailer. Full list below.