Hayes Cricket Club News story

Agenda for Club AGM

11 Dec 2021



December 12th 2021 @ 1.30pm




  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Chairman’s address/Secretary update
  3. Treasurer’s reports and Adoption of accounts
  4. Club Captain address
  5. Membership rates


    Membership rates for 2021 to be considered and approved (2020) rates in brackets)


                Social Individual                       £20.00             (£20.00)          

                Social Family                           £25.00             (£25.00)           Children U18   

                Senior Citizen Membership        £6.00               (£6.00)            

                Senior Player                            £125.00            (£125.00)         Inclusive of family membership – See notes

                Student Playing Membership    £80.00              (£80.00)           in full time education and on production of Student ID card

                Colts                                        £85.00             (£75.00)           No additional Coaching or Match fee which shall be all inclusive for “Colts matches”–(Not applicable for weekend Senior XI’s where match fee will be applied)                                

           Family Colts membership charged as £85.00 1st Child with additional payment of £75.00 per subsequent child


    ** Senior Playing Members payments **


    Payment is due April 1st 2022 in line with Social Membership.


    £10.00 discount if payment received in full by April 30th – Full payment must be received prior to May 31st


    Student Playing Membership is applicable only to those in Full Time Education. – Club will require confirmation of full course details by way of copy.


  6. Confirmation of GMC Appointments
  7. To fix date of Next AGM
  8. Any Other business