Hayes Cricket Club News story

Club Defibrillator

28 Jun 2019

Emergency Defibrillator

We are delighted to confirm that the club have taken receipt of an emergency defibrillator from the “Community Heartbeat Trust”    https://www.communityheartbeat.org.uk/

Funding for this essential equipment has been sourced by way of a grant and the very generous donations of club associates

West London Harley Riders      



The Buffaloes Enterprise, Brent Valley Lodge No. 5610


The club wishes to thank both clubs for their generosity in funding this life saving equipment, a benefit not only for the club but also our neighbour’s and the Hayes community

Volunteers to train in the use of the equipment are being sought and if you wish to volunteer please contact our Club Secretary Andy Liles who shall be organising this on behalf of the club.

Training date is scheduled to be in the clubhouse on Monday 22nd July 2019 commencing at 7.00 p.m.  

Course time is likely to be two hours duration.

Many thanks to all involved.

Hayes Cricket Club GMC