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Bar Ordering - Track and Trace

24 Sep 2020

Hi all, following up on the earlier announcement of procedures to follow starting Thursday 24th September. We wanted to once again thank you all for your patience and support in these difficult times.
We are continuing to monitor, change and adapt according to new guidance and always ensure the safety of our bar staff and members are at the forefront of decisions taken.
As instructed, we will now be closing at 10pm every night from this Thursday. This means last orders at 9.30pm, time at 9.40pm and closed with all customers vacated by 9.50pm inline with the government 10pm curfew.
Face coverings must now be worn when entering and exiting the Club house but can be removed once sat at your table eating and drinking. Masks must be put on when heading to the toilet or outside for a cigarette.
Table service will be the only way guests will be served, with no queuing allowed at the bar. We will also continue to accept tables of up to 6 people only - currently these 6 people can be from mixed households.
The QR Scanner posters will be on each table and you are required to use your "Smart Phone" to confirm your attendance. Please note that to use the scanners you need to go to your App site (Google Play, Apple APP store) and download the NHS COVID-19 APP. (Example in attachment) This is due to be in operation tomorrow but time will tell if this comes to pass successfully.
Should it not work your full contact details will need to be provided to the bar person on duty for entry into our register.
When placing an order we would appreciate your co-operation in using WHATSAPP if at all possible. Send a request via this app to Hayes Cricket Club (Tel : 07540382629) the barperson will prepare your order than confirm the cost. You need to confirm your table number, Membership number and also confirm if you are paying by cash, card or prepaid tab (Please consider adding pre-paid money to your account, Card is preferred method over cash)
We would appreciate your patience and understanding that orders will take longer than usual but if it's the price we pay to remain open we trust you understand the need to do so.
Thank you once again for your support of the club during these difficult times we look forward to seeing you soon.

Colin Richardson

Chair - Hayes Cricket Club

William Richardson, Sarah-Jane Richardson and 2 others